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The Vilma Timonen Quartet, or VtQ as this fusion band is otherwise known, has pulled off a remarkable combination; unique sound that you have never heard before! Some jazz and folk music, blended together with the ancient sound of the kantele.

The band’s repertoire is a synthesis of compositions by Vilma Timonen and a collection of traditional melodies adapted by the Quartet. The result is an epoch-making musical arrangement that accentuates the kantele’s rich and multifaceted sound.

Imagine on the one hand a small cottage in the finnish countryside filled with the limpid sound of kantele, and on the other hand the dim confines of a jazz club. VtQ leaps into the ancient world of music to paint an arch between those two worlds.

1. Loiste 4:48

2. Kokko 5:16

3. Getting your hopes up 3:32

4. Kuiskaus 4:58

5. Repostellen I: Peipposen polkka 2:07

6. Repostellen II: Orvokin ostan äidilleni 1:52

7. Marraskuura 4:17

8. Ripatska 4:35

9. Make a wish 6:15

The members of the VTQ are:

Vilma Timonen, kantele
Ape Anttila, bass
Mikko Hassinen, percussions
Topi Korhonen, guitar

Produced by Ape Anttila
Executive producer Vilma Timonen
Recorded at Kallio-Kuninkala March & May 2009
Mixed by Kimmo Antikainen at Kallio-Kuninkala
Masterd by Taito Hoffrén at Ääniä
Photography by AJ Savolainen
Cover by Paula Susitaival

Additional percussion (2,3,5 and 6) recorded and played at DownBeat by Ape Anttila

Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department recordings 91
ISRC FI7KA0900065—73
EAN: 64 3002409 0185


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