Von & Af: Sama setti jo 20 vuotta


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An immaculate stranger in culture. Two-man low-profile music orchestra. International local music with one shot. Entertaining and serious. Rolling Stone Downhill.

Twenty years after Von & Af’s first appearance in Semifinal in Helsinki in 2017, it was time to release the first album called “The same set for twenty years”. The duo, made up of Taito Hoffrén and Eero Grundström, has made hundreds of appearances from the trash bin to the Group Theater, from Nokia’s braces to bristles.

Von & Af is a serious, unspeakable and comic. That’s why people are delighted and jerky. As the audience laughs, it is also possible to convey more serious themes.
Music is genre-free: classical, folk, hit and pop. Instrumentation and matching and presentation bring all the genres close together.

Taito Hoffrén: Song, Tuba, Guitar
Eero Grundström: Harmony, Melodica, Song

Publisher: Kanteleen Ääniä 2017

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