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So it was that the re-known Sommelo 2008 festival had almost run its course. As I recall it was a strange nightless summer night in the small village of Haikola. The weather was not summer. The rain was ceaseless, the temperature was around +5˚ Celsius and I had already been thoroughly soaked for couple of days. People – audience and performers – were packed in a small, rustic hut built in the late 19th century. Music was played non-stop as the night reached for the morning.

I had already had some curious eyefuls of this certain trio during the festival. They call themselves “Ruuti” (Gunpowder) and they soon took over one corner of the hut. My memories of what happened next are somewhat vague – I couldn’t see a thing, anyway – but I there was the smell of sweat mixed with rain, birch leaves and vodka. The loosely build wooden blanks that had been nominated to function as the floor were shaking, and a strange, dark, but joyous music had felled me to the ground. I felt good. This was the closest thing I have ever gotten to a “juke-joint” and I didn’t want go home anymore. What are you supposed to do after that kind of a thing? Live happily ever after, die or buy the album? I haven’t quite decided what I will do.

1. Veteli 3:11

2. Pekkos Brunch / Etkot 5:57

3. Vihtahousu 4:17

4. Puro 4:06

5. Onneni tähdet 3:22

6. D. 4:35

7. Polje 3:29

8. Muuttoauto 4:11

9. Marsukka 5:10

10. Aamuvalssi 4:33

11. Jorma 4:08

12. Kristallipolska 4:16

13. Routajärvi 8:23


Ilkka Heinonen 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 12, 13
Topi Korhonen 6, 9, 11
Kukka Lehto 8
Onneni tähdet is based on a song sung by legendary folk singer Taavi Uutela from Iitti in 1957.

Arrangements by Ruuti

The members of the Ruuti are:

Kukka Lehto fiddle, voice
Topi Korhonen guitar
Ilkka Heinonen double bass

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Taito Hoffrén
Recorded at Ääniä, Kantele Finland
Produced by Ruuti & Taito Hoffrén
Photos by AJ Savolainen
Translations: Pekko Käppi & Girilal Baars
Layout: Tero Vesterinen

ISRC FI7KA0900052—64
EAN: 64 3002409 0147

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