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Polka Chicks – the Band of the Year of Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2009 releases their self-titled debut album 20.7.2009.

Polka Chicks play folk music with an open attitude towards all music and a stylish groove. Inspired by Finnish traditional polkas the band initially started playing together at the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department in 2004. During the years their repertoar has spread to include all sorts of traditional folk music as well as beautiful songs mostly written by the band’s musicians. Nowadays their repertoar consists of own compositions and traditional folk music from all over Scandinavia.

In addition to their performances in Finland Polka Chicks have performed in USA, Europe and Russia.

Polka Chicks
1. Iloisten veljien seurassa (Trad.) 2:16

2. Valssi & Humlan (Trad. / T. Niku) 3:55

3. Lintunen (K. Lehto – Lyrics K. Lehto) 4:26

4. Kuunkulta (K. Lehto – Lyrics Trad. / S. Oskala) 3:17

5. Thea’s Schottis (T. Niku) 6:10

6. Niittykosket (Trad.) 3:05

7. Masurkat (Trad.) 3:03

8. Älä asetu taloksi ikävä (K. Lehto – Lyrics K. Lehto) 3:46

9. La mie laulan (K. Lehto – Lyrics Larin Paraske) 4:01

10. Valssi Lotalle (S. Oskala) 4:02

11. Ameriikan polkka (Trad.) 3:57

All arrangements by Polka Chicks

The members of the Polka Chicks are:

Kukka Lehto: fiddle, mandolin and voice
Suvi Oskala: 5-string fiddle (Violina by Per Klinga) and voice
Teija Niku: 2- and 5-row accordions and voice

Featuring Taito Hoffrén: tuba (track 7)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Taito Hoffrén, Ääniä http://ka.fi/ka/studio, Kantele, Finland
Produced by Polka Chicks & Taito Hoffrén
Photographs by AJ Savolainen
Graphic design by Tero Vesterinen

Thanks to: Taito, Pekko, Ilona & Helmi, families & friends, ESEK, Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department

Polka Chicks’ jewellery is sponsored by MORAL
This CD has been released with support from ESEK

ISRC FI7KA0900031—41
EAN: 64 3002409 0161

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