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Hiite is an ethnic music ensemble founded in 2006. The group’s repertoire is based on the traditions of the Fenno-Ugrian peoples. The material is often taken from archive recordings. The music of the ensemble has been described as minimalist, but multifarious and rich in nuances. Hiite is four musicians playing jouhikko (the bowed lyre), kantele, mouth harp and various wind instruments. The soundscapes span from familiar Karelia to the northern tundras of Siberia.

Hiite tries to understand and recreate the principles of archaic music. For the playing and singing, the musicians also immerse themselves in the many ways of the music culture in question. The elements found in the traditions are cherished, but also combined and applied in new ways. This kind of approach makes it possible to compose new “archaic” music. In Hiite’s repertoire there are, among others, pieces from Finland, Karelia, Ingria and Estonia.

1. Pessi 1 (trad.) 4:12

2. Narrimislaulu (trad.) 5:01

3. Iro-neito (trad.) 6:35

4. Lumi (Kirsi Ojala) 5:02

5. Elettige & Kuuden Parin Hoilola (trad) 3.51

6. Maammo (Kirsi Ojala – lyrics trad.) 6:08

7. Karjankutsu (trad. / Sanne Tschirpke) 3:01

8. Pessi 2 (trad.) 4:39

9. Tuulen nostatus (trad.) 2:22

10. Kergein Syndyzien (trad. / Teppo Repo – Lyrics trad.) 7:32

All arrangements by Hiite

The members of the Hiite are:

Anne-Mari Hakamäki: voice, jouhikko
Matti Hakamäki: voice, kantele
Kirsi Ojala: voice, wooden horn, härjedalspipa, mänkeri, tenor recorder, jouhikko, wooden percussions
Sanne Tschirpke: voice, härjedalspipa, paimensoittu, tenor recorder, low D whistle, mouth harp, cowbells

Instruments made by:

Jouhikkos: Rauno Nieminen / Anne-Mari Hakamäki
Kantele: Erkki Okkonen
Wooden horn & paimensoittu: Rauno Nieminen
Härjedalspipas Gunnar Stenmark
Mänkeri: Pekka Westerholm
Tenor recorders: Yamaha (YRT-304B), Aulos (Tenor E511)
Low D Whistle: Chieftain (170904 KWL)Mouth harp: Josef Jofen
Wooden percussions: Kirsi Ojala & Matti Jakkula
Cowbells: Unknown builder

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Taito Hoffrén
Recorded at Ääniä http://ka.fi/ka/studio, Kantele in February 2009
Produced by Taito Hoffrén & Hiite
Photos by AJ Savolainen
Translations: Kirsi Oja, Juha Ojala, Girilal Baars
Layout: Tero Vesterinen
Thanks to: Kati Heinonen, Meri Tiitola, Tapani Varis, Juha Ojala, Pekko Käppi, Mika Linna

ISRC FI7KA0900042—51
EAN: 64 3002409 0178

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