Ilona ja Huvina: Aulis


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Ilona ja Huvina (freely translated: “as joy and fun”) is a band which combines Finnish contemporary folk music, elements of jazz and singer-songwriter tradition. Ilona ja Huvina’s musicians are most famous contemporary folk musicians who have been performing also with such bands as Värttinä, Gjallarhorn, Sväng, Spontaani Vire and many others. All Ilona ja Huvina’s songs are composed by lead vocalist Ilona Korhonen, and also all lyrics are written by her. She sings – of course – of love but also of many small surprising things in life.

Members of the band are Eero Grundström (harmonium and harmonica), Ilona Korhonen (vocals), Lassi Logren (fiddle and nyckelharpa), Sara Puljula (double bass).

1. Tuntemattomalle 4:53

2. Siemen 3:16

3. Lätkässä 2:29

4. Armoton 3:38

5. Vene 3:15

6. Aulis 3:34

7. Suloiselle 4:58

8. Älä tuu 4:03

9. Vanhuus 5:32

10. Lemmenlaulu 3:41

All arrangements by Ilona ja Huvina
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Taito Hoffrén
Recorded in Kanteleen ääniä, Kantele 2007
Produced by Lassi Logrén
Graphic design by Paula Susitaival
Photos by Sami Repo

ISRC: FI7KA0600001—11
EAN: 64 3002409 0017
Release date: February 2006

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