Brelo: Uusikuu


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The kantele ensemble Brelo comes from the tiny village of Laukkoski in southern Finland and was officially formed in 2003. The group is open-minded about using different types of kanteles. Uusikuu is Brelo’s third album with new compositions, as well as arrangements of traditional songs. Brelo’s music is firmly grounded in tradition, but the young players have their eyes fixed on the future – two qualities that define Brelos’s original and fresh sound.

1. Taggar 3:37 (Valtteri Lehto)

2. Mesimarja 3:06 (Soila Sariola)

3. Beniä etsimässä 5:02 (Valtteri Lehto)

4. Megaira 5:02 (Essi Olkanen)

5. Kylä vuotti 5:20 (trad./Anna-Kaisa Liedes)

6. Solinaa 4:36 (Sini Olkanen)

7. Särjenpojat 4:24 (Valtteri Lehto)

8. Pohjoinen 5:45 (Eeva-Kaisa Kohonen)

All songs arranged by Brelo except (2) Brelo/Soila Sariola, (5) A-K Liedes & Utua/Brelo. All lyrics traditional

The members of the Brelo are:

Mirkku Kauhanen, concert kantele, vocals
Anna-Reetta Kohonen, concert kantele, vocals
Eeva-Kaisa Kohonen, 15-string kantele, concert kantele, vocals
Valtteri Lehto, 15-string kantele, vocals
Janiina Mattila, 15-string kantele, vocals
Essi Olkanen, 15-string kantele, vocals
Hanna Olkanen, 15-string kantele, vocals
Sini Olkanen, 15-string kantele, concert kantele, vocals

Recorded in the Village of Kantele in Pukkila in end of the summer 2008
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Taito Hoffrén
Graphic design by Tero Vesterinen
Photos by Ilona Korhonen
Translations Pekko Käppi & Girilal Baars

ISRC FI7KA0900016—23
EAN: 64 3002409 0130

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