Crosscountry 50 km


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Two talented and diverse musicians, Samuli Karjalainen and Eero Grundström formed a duo in the spring of 2007. The compositions of Karjalainen and Grundström draw inspiration from ancient Finnish traditions and Celtic music. The virtuoso improviser and pump-organ player Eero Grundström colours the songs with breaths of Finnish, Ingrian and Swedish folk music. The simple melodies give plenty of space for spontaneity and improvisation. When playing music Karjalainen and Grundström focus on the process itself instead of striving for perfect results.

Crosscountry 50 km
1. Tuletko? 7:24

2. Pelijussin syömämarssi 5:13

3. Siperia 3:50

4. Vierestäsi 4:40

5. Halia soitto / Jatsi 8:00

6. Auralla 6:40

7. Virginia 7:45

8. Kehto 9:19

All tracks produced, composed and arranged by Karjalainen and Grundström except tracks 2,5,7 traditional / arranged by Karjalainen and Grundström and Jatsi composed by Teppo Repo.

Eero Grundström: Harmonium, kantele
Samuli Karjalainen: Whistles, vocals
Featuring Kirsi Virkki, fiddle on track 2

Recorded, mixed and masterd at Säätämö 2007 by Eero Grundström
Artwork by Tuomas Karjalainen
Photography by Helena Karjalainen
Layout by Tuomas Karjalainen and Kai Oksanen
Produced by Eero Grundström and Samuli Karjalainen

ISRC: FI7KA0700001—8
EAN: 64 3002409 0024

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